Karla Zamudio, with her interesting heritage and bi-lingual capabilities, has been cast in numerous roles in film, television, and theatre for well over a decade. She has been featured in guest-star roles in hit television shows such as Southland, ER, The Shield, and 24 where she worked with some of the most prominent actors and directors in the business.

She has also starred in several independent films and eventually played the lead role in a stage production of Children of a Lesser God for which she underwent intensive sign language training. More recently, Karla performed to favorable reviews in the world- wide premiere of Fernando Richardson’s Treacherous Brain. LA Weekly (site link) praised her performance for “tender, non-verbal moments” and noted an all around “superb performance.” She also received these reviews in the L.A Times (site link)and Backstage West (site link) for her performance.

Karla not only shines as a sexy actress but can also deliver performances requiring subtlety, range, and depth. She has played a wide range of roles including mom, detective, doctor, and love interest. She is often noted for her ability to capture raw emotion and poignant moments in the lives of the characters she has portrayed.